Why should I buy an electric bike?

Why should I buy an electric bike?

Why should I buy an electric bike?

Cycling in the UK has enjoyed a boost in popularity in recent years, thanks, in part, to the success of high-profile cyclists like Bradley Wiggins and the hosting of internationally renowned events, such as le Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Yorkshire in 2014.

With a bewildering range of pedal-powered road and mountain bikes available to suit every ability level and price point, why are electric bikes becoming a more common site on the streets and lanes of Britain? Who’s riding them, and why?

Electric bikes enable everyone to enjoy cycling

While cycling is a great form of exercise for people looking to increase cardio-vascular health and strength, the level of effort required – especially in hilly areas – can act as a barrier to those starting from low fitness levels. Put simply, if would-be cyclists feel as if even a short route is too big an ask, they won’t be inspired to saddle up. An electric bike takes the worry out of cycling. A cycling newbie of any age and stage can set off on a ride, safe in the knowledge that they can call on a bit of assistance when the going gets tough.

Electric bikes make commuting easy and cheap

Electric bikes often make a viable alternative to driving on a short commute to work, shops or school. Combining the ease and agility of a conventional bike with the extra oomph that allows you to arrive at your destination cool, calm and collected (instead of sweaty, hot and cross), it can be the perfect answer to congested road conditions. You’ll save on petrol and parking costs and can often use more pleasant routes that take you away from traffic. An electric bike will allow you to go further for less than most other types of transportation, even more eco-friendly options such as hybrid cars.

Electric bikes help you to stay healthy

Cycle purists may see an electric bike as a cop-out. But for those of us who aren’t in training for the Vuelta, an electric bike can be the key to a more active, balanced lifestyle. Because you can travel further and faster with much less effort than on a regular bike, you’re more likely to use it for everyday activities like cycling to work or to the shops. The motorised assistance will help to offset the challenges of hills and headwinds while still offering an opportunity to add some exercise to your daily routine. You can decide how much effort you want to put in so you can gradually increase your fitness over the weeks and months – ideal if you’re recovering from an injury, are new to exercise or just not as young as you were!

Electric bikes have a tiny environmental impact

Naturally, electric bikes require no petrol and don’t emit any pollution while being operated and require only a modest input of electricity – pence, rather than pounds – to recharge a battery. Because of this, they make a great form of sustainable transport that compares favourably with other methods – ideal if you’re conscious of the need to limit the impact of your commute on the environment.

Don’t forget to have fun!

Whatever your reasons for investing in an electric bike, the main aim should be to have a good time. Because the motor takes the strain, it’s possible for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to take to the lanes and tracks for fresh air and fun, without worrying about how to tackle the next hill. What are you waiting for?

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