Top reasons older riders should get on their (electric) bikes!

Top reasons for getting on your (electric) bike when you get older

Top reasons older riders should get on their (electric) bikes!

Keeping fit is a piece of cake when you’re young and full of beans. It takes a bit more determination to stay active as you get older when you’re more likely to face physical barriers to fitness, such as reduced mobility and joint pain.

Finding a way to get the exercise you need without risking injury is an important approach to take in later years. You need an activity that gets your heart pumping in order for it to have any benefit for your heart and lungs but if you pick a discipline that’s too tough, you won’t be able to keep it up. You should also choose something that’s low impact so as to reduce the strain on bones and cartilage.

An exercise regime also has more chance of succeeding if it’s fun and if it’s sustainable. There’s no point in throwing yourself into a new routine if you’re going to have to give it up because you’ve pulled a muscle or re-ignited an old injury.

Working to your own pace

Cycling is a form of exercise with many health benefits, but it can be a challenge when your fitness levels are less than optimal. On paper – and on the flat – cycling is the perfect activity for people in their later years. It raises your heart rate and is the definition of low impact.

But, if you find that the hills feel steeper than they used to or that what was once a short training ride has turned into a hard slog, you’re not alone. Even keen cyclists can find their energy levels waning as they clock up a few extra years’ mileage – which is where electric bikes really come into their own.

For a start, it doesn’t matter if you’re a relatively inexperienced rider. Riding an electric bike gives you the power to get comfortable without worrying about keeping up or becoming exhausted half way round your route. Importantly, it gives all riders the opportunity to extend their range, as pedal power is complemented by electric power, whenever energy levels flag.

Staying active – on your terms

If you’ve never ridden an electric bike, it’s easy to dismiss riders’ efforts as ‘cheating’. Nothing could be further from the truth. At E-Venture, we find that having the option of using assisted power allows older riders to be braver and go further than they would otherwise attempt.

Instead of relying on travelling everywhere by car, older people are finding they can get out to do a spot of shopping or visit friends by e-bike, without worrying about whether they’ll have enough energy to complete their journey. In effect, they’re exercising more than they would otherwise dare to and on a more regular basis.

On a bike you can cover distances three or four times as fast as walking. Add a little electric oomph and you’ll get to your destination even faster. A quality electric bike can travel for up to 60 miles on a single charge – just think where two wheels could take you!

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