The Rise of The E-Bike

The Rise of The E-Bike

Cycling has been a pastime for many for hundreds of years, and it remains just as popular today.

Not only is it more cost-effective than operating a motor vehicle, it’s also a great way of getting some exercise. The fact that there are many styles and price points available when purchasing a bicycle means that it can be enjoyed by almost anyone.  

It’s also one of the rare occasions where we can enjoy the environment and travel through some beautiful organic scenery while breathing in fresh air.  

This doesn’t mean that the cycling is without its drawbacks. There can be difficult terrain to contend with, and in some instances, the distance travelled can have an impact on us.

Those with ailments may also find that they’re not able to enjoy cycling as much as they did, because of the effort needed.

Fortunately, the pedal-powered bicycle isn’t the only option available, as more and more cycling enthusiasts are becoming fond of the electric bike.


The Introduction of the E-Bike

It’s easy to assume that the electronic bike is a fairly new addition in the world of cycling, but the truth is the idea has been around for over 100 years. Several patents were filed in the 1890s that looked to make cycling much easier.

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Of course, the proposed ideas were a far stretch away from the slimline designs we see today. Bicycle that made use of electric in the 1890s were often quite bulky because of the items needed to power the bicycle.


Modern Incarnations

During the late 1990s, torque sensors and powers controls were introduced, as were NiCd batteries that would be built into the bike frame.

From here, there would be a slew of electric bicycles available at various price points, but the price you paid would often dictate the quality of the bicycle you received, as well as the practicality.

For example, cheaper models would use bulk lead-acid batteries, whereas more premium models were keen to make use of NiCd and Li-ion batteries due to their lightweight nature.


Why the Rise in Popularity?

Given that the e-bike has been around for some time in one form or another, some may wonder why the popularity has only just gained traction recently.

Like any technology, there can be times when the technology available doesn’t conform to consumer needs.

An easy comparison to make is that of mobile technology. Although available for many years, it could be seen as expensive and unreliable, thus making it less desirable.

However, as technology has evolved, the mobile phone of today is a necessity, due to the many benefits it offers us in our everyday lives.

The same can be said for e-bikes. There are no longer seen as a gimmick, but as a practical and affordable way of getting about.

Charging a e-bike is also a straightforward endeavour. Rather than need any cumbersome charging equipment, you just need access to a plug socket.

Although there was once a time when the use of electric bicycles could be seen as cheating within the cycling community, the benefits it is able to users and the environment have since been accepted, meaning the e-bike is now often included as an option within many cycling stores.


A Healthier Environment

Nowadays, protecting the environment is something that is at the forefront of everybody’s mind. More and more people are looking for ways to reduce the impact our actions have on the environment, including recycling, upcycling and using public transport for commutes instead of the car.

While this is admirable, it can be less convenient for those who already have little time in the day, as public transport isn’t always the most reliable.

There’s also the fact that even travelling by bus or train can be expensive over time. Of course, there is the option of using a bicycle, but nobody wants to arrive at work looking worse for wear.

An e-bike is the ideal solution, as long as you pick the right model. What’s more, you could save over £7,000 in travelling costs, depending on the location you live in.  

Although you shouldn’t have to spend a small fortune when it comes to an e-bike, it’s important to ensure that you look for a model that’s reliable and has the features you need.

Although it can be tempting to opt for a cheaper model, purchasing an e-bike from unreliable seller not only means that the e-bike could be potentially dangerous, but also sours the association with e-bikes moving forward.


Bridging the Gap

Those who must suffer the stresses of daily life probably look forward to a day of cycling with the family, but not all of us are as young or as fit as we used to be. This can mean that parents are sometimes trailing behind more energetic children.

Similarly, elderly relatives may want to join in the fun, but again find there is an issue when it comes to keeping up with everyone else.

E-Bikes are a great way of levelling the playing field and allowing family members and cycling enthusiasts to enjoy what cycling has to offer, that may not be possible otherwise.



Although the e-bike was once seen as a passing trend that offered no value to the cycling community, the view today is much different.

Given what we know about the struggles people face, and how an e-bike can offer life-changing qualities is enough to accept the e-bike as one of today’s most practical pieces of technology.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy cycling after a long time away or looking for a more affordable way of getting to work, an investment in an e-bike is certainly worth considering.


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