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Make sure that your e-bike is as winter ready as you are!

It may seem that cycling is an activity that is mostly done in the summer, however, the great thing about cycling and of course e-bikes should you choose to use them, is that you can get out and about on them no matter the season. That said, when it comes to the winter months, you are going to need to think about how you can use your e-bike safely and make sure that you are protected. To help to get you [...]


Get set for winter riding with our top accessories pick

OK, so the temperatures have dipped and winter is well and truly closing in. The good news is you’re still getting out and about on your bike, albeit despite the days never really getting light and the chill winds seeping through your cold-weather garb. There’s no point maoning, though, as it’s a long time till spring. The best thing you can do is to tog up and get moving! Get ahead A balaclava may be old school but it’ll keep your head [...]