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Why should I buy an electric bike?

Cycling in the UK has enjoyed a boost in popularity in recent years, thanks, in part, to the success of high-profile cyclists like Bradley Wiggins and the hosting of internationally renowned events, such as le Grand Depart of the Tour de France in Yorkshire in 2014. With a bewildering range of pedal-powered road and mountain bikes available to suit every ability level and price point, why are electric bikes becoming a more common site on the streets and lanes of [...]


Can you ride an electric bike in the rain?

As we move into the colder and wetter months of the year, it becomes harder to venture out on our bikes for pleasure – and easier to find excuses to stay indoors or revert to the car for essential trips. Problem is, if we only take to the saddle in fine conditions, we could waste many months’ worth of cycling opportunities each and every year. As a rider, you can invest in a good set of waterproof layers to shrug [...]