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Top reasons older riders should get on their (electric) bikes!

Keeping fit is a piece of cake when you’re young and full of beans. It takes a bit more determination to stay active as you get older when you’re more likely to face physical barriers to fitness, such as reduced mobility and joint pain. Finding a way to get the exercise you need without risking injury is an important approach to take in later years. You need an activity that gets your heart pumping in order for it to have [...]


Can you ride an electric bike in the rain?

As we move into the colder and wetter months of the year, it becomes harder to venture out on our bikes for pleasure – and easier to find excuses to stay indoors or revert to the car for essential trips. Problem is, if we only take to the saddle in fine conditions, we could waste many months’ worth of cycling opportunities each and every year. As a rider, you can invest in a good set of waterproof layers to shrug [...]


Could an e-bike be the key to an easier commute?

Get on yer bike This year’s Cycle to Work Day fell on 13 September. It’s an annual initiative, introduced five years ago as part of the Cyclescheme drive to encourage more people to commute to work by bike. Many of us have become warier of using our bikes on busy roads in rush-hour traffic, especially in city centres. That said, thanks to high-profile road safety campaigns together with the provision of more cycle lanes and better traffic segregation, fatalities and [...]