Lezyne – KTV2 Drive Pair 180/10 – Black

Lezyne – KTV2 Drive Pair 180/10 – Black


The Leyzne Hecto 400/KTV 10 Light Set combines compact LED front and rear lights, both with versatile rubber straps to mount onto all bar shapes and aero and round seat posts. The front has seven flash modes including a Day Flash mode, and the rear has three, so you can be sure of staying seen and safe in all light and weather conditions.

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With the Leyzne Hecto 400/KTV 10 Light Set you get a powerful 400 lumen front light and a compact rear safety light to increase your visibility and safety when out on the roads.

The Hecto 400 has seven modes and a Maximum Optical Reflection lens to enhance side visibility so you can be seen from all angles. Eight out of ten accidents occur during daytime hours and the Day Flash mode is perfect for ensuring that you are highly visible in bright light conditions as well as at night, with a pulsing light that cuts through distractions.

Both lights have a waterproof and durable construction and are charged via an integrated USB charging stick so there is no need for an additional cable.

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