Make sure that your e-bike is as winter ready as you are!

Make sure that your e-bike is as winter ready as you are!

It may seem that cycling is an activity that is mostly done in the summer, however, the great thing about cycling and of course e-bikes should you choose to use them, is that you can get out and about on them no matter the season.

That said, when it comes to the winter months, you are going to need to think about how you can use your e-bike safely and make sure that you are protected.

To help to get you through the winter safely (and with your bike in the best condition possible) we have put together our guide on how to make sure that your e-bike is as winter ready as you are.

Give your e-bike a once over

One of the most important things that you should do for your e-bike during the winter months (and for the rest of the year for that matter) is to give it a good check and make sure that the key components are in good working order. This includes the brakes, the gears and the lights. All of these things become a whole lot more important during the winter months when your brakes are going to have to work harder and you are much more likely to need your lights when you are out.

Make sure your battery is protected

The battery, rather unsurprisingly is the most important part of your e-bike and therefore it is one that you need to make sure that you take good care of. It is also the part of the bike that is the most sensitive, particularly in old weather. It is advised that during the colder weather, you should store your battery inside your house, making sure that it does not get exposed to cold temperatures. You should also consider investing in a cover for it, if you will be outside in the cold for a considerable length of time.

Never ride in the ice unless you are completely confident

We know that the idea of cycling through the snow and ice may not sound particularly tempting, but there are still some people who are going to want to give it a go. The thing to remember is that you should never ride in icy conditions unless you are completely confident to do so. You could risk injuring yourself and also damaging your bike too. Which is the last thing that you are going to want.

Wrap up warm

If you are going to brave a winter cycle then you need to make sure that you wrap up warm. Gloves are particularly important as it is often the hands and fingers of a cyclist that will bear the brunt of the cold weather. You also should invest in a good quality waterproof coat as this will keep you warm, but should still be breathable if you do work up a sweat. You should also remember that you are going to need to have a hi-vis layer as this will ensure that you can be seen as you ride.

It might not be the most tempting thing to do, however, winter rides can be great. Especially if you are choosing to be on an electric bike rather than a more conventional one.


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