What happens if I get lost?

We give you a emergency number to phone if you find yourself in trouble.


What happens if I get a flat tyre?

We provide you with a full puncture repair kit and instructions on how to fix it.


How do the electric bikes work?

Our electric bikes are pedal assist, you ride them like a normal bike and it does the rest!


Do I have to stick to certain places to ride?

The bikes are yours so you decide, although we suggest you go on one of our routes!


What if I am late back?

Due to bookings we often require the bikes back on time, there is a fee if you are more than 10 minutes late on hourly / half day hires, and more than 15 minutes on a full day hire.


Where is the best place to go?

We have many options of fully guided, or self guided routes available.


How long should I hire for?

We recommend allowing more than enough time, nobody likes being in a rush and it can be nice to stop for a coffee or something to eat along the way.


Is there to stop on the way?

There are places to stop on all of the routes, highlighted on our custom made maps and on the self-guided app.


Have you got bikes for children?

We will do in the near future, although they are not electric.


I’ve never ridden a mountain bike before, is it easy? Do I need experience?

It is very similar to a regular bike, but with a slightly different riding position. No experience is required.


How long will the battery last?

The mountain bike batteries will last for around 20-30 miles, on a high setting. The touring bikes will last 25-35 miles on a high setting.


Do I need a helmet?

We require you to ride with a helmet yes. We will provide one for you if you don’t bring one of your own.


Do you provide water bottles?

We do not, although we sell drinks and snacks in the shop.


How fit to I need to be?

To hire an electric bike you need to be capable of riding a regular bicycle.


What if the bike gets damaged?

We will require you to replace whatever becomes damaged. We don’t take a deposit.