4 Health Benefits of E-Bikes

4 Health Benefits of E-Bikes The birth of electric bikes, or e-bikes as they’re more commonly known, has been a hot topic among cyclists for some time. The more seasoned cyclist could argue that e-bikes don’t require the same effort as their pedal-powered counterparts, and as such don’t offer the same level of fitness. Similarly, there are those who do believe their e-bike offers health benefits and allows them to enjoy a more comfortable bike ride should they so wish. Whatever [...]


Safety tips for riding your e-bike at night

Safety tips for riding your e-bike at night During the winter months commuting on your bike changes, the darker evenings start to set in and this means that when you are heading home after a busy day at work, then you are likely to be cycling in the dark. The equipment that you need to cycle at night When you are going to be cycling at night you need to make sure that you have the right equipment to keep you [...]


The most common misconception of e-bikes and why they may be wrong

Whether you ride e-bikes or not, you are likely to be aware of some of the most commonplace misconceptions of using e-bikes. These bikes have been dividing opinions within the cycling community and some see them as a positive move, whilst others still see them in a negative or lesser light. So, what are the most common misconceptions of e-bikes and why are they wrong? Let’s take a look at them. E-bikes are only for overweight people One of the most common [...]